Tibetan Carpets

We offer an exciting collection of contemporary and traditional Tibetan rugs. These wonderful carpets are crafted in Nepal of hand carded Tibetan wool. To assure high standard of quality, wool is hand-sheared, fibers are combed with handmade carding tools, and then hand knotted on traditional wooden loom.

The combination of the natural softness, rich texture, and high concentration of lanolin found in Tibetan wool ensures they are resilient to common stains, brings out a unique style to look at, and keeps them smooth to walk on and durable to use. The simple designs combined with sophistication of natural dyes are compelling work of arts.

We also have a large selection of rugs made from silk and wool combinations. The wool provides softness while shined silk brings out the beauty of the floor to an elevated level of elegance.

"These carpets take my breath away. The color, the softness and the designs are wonderful. The owner is so sweet. They too let me borrow a rug to take home to try out in our space. I also learned not only about the 100 knots per square inch, but the wool is from high altitude yaks (?) and they are known for a high level of lanolin which resists stains. They also said they are known to resist fading as well. My cat too doesn't make a mark on it even though she spends every moment on it. They will custom order any of their carpets in other sizes, colors, and designs with a 3 month lead time. Wonderful carpets! Wonderful place! I would highly recommend them!"
Amy S., Woodside, CA

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